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Videoder-One of the Best Video Downloaders for Android

  Users nowadays have a wide range of choices to download in term of video downloaders for their Android device. One of popular names that should be mentioned here is Videoder -  a free tool to download videos and music from online services like YouTube. It also allows users to convert media files to the desired file types. Take notice to our following analysis to discover more about this great movie app!

Bisides this app, you can also refer
Snaptube a giant among loads of video downloader.

General introduction

Videoder for Android is a world-famous 4k video downloader on YouTube and an application for converting video files to MP3 format. Besides, Videoder also can browse and download videos from other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo and countless other multimedia sites.

Videoder was originally started as a project of Rahul Verma in 2013 when he was in his last year of university. Being keen on music and videos, Rahul often encountered difficulties with streaming YouTube videos as this activity needed a faster internet connection. This is the story of how Videoder was created.


Main features

One of the first features to mention is that Videoder supports downloading and watching videos and music with a resolution of 144p to 4K. The feature that allows the simultaneous download of songs and videos is also a special highlight of this video downloader for Android.

Moreover, Videoder for Android provides a fast download mode that exploits multi-threaded technology, allowing you to speed up video downloads, five times faster than other Android-powered video downloaders. In addition, Videoder also integrates YouTube video files into the MP3 format, has a built-in ad blocking to help you browse without being annoyed by the unrelated advertisements.

In particular, Video Downloader is very easy to use and convenient. This app offers users with a simple search engine allowing you to find videos on a bunch of streaming services, from YouTube to other stores. Also, if you already know what videos you want to download, you can simply enter the URL of the video. By this way, you also can download media in your favorite file format and customize the quality of your downloaded videos to suit your demand.

In addition to Videoder, you can also use Youtube video downloader android to watch and download videos.



Free, no account required.

Supports multiple platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, web.

Support to download videos, music, photos from over 1000 web pages.

Supports multiple languages.

Supports web browsing, including the ability to block ads, incognito tabs.

Supports for floating windows when watching YouTube videos, you can both surf the web and watch videos
Since the launch of the first version, Videoder has been downloaded by over 50 million users worldwide. This figure is expected to increase in the upcoming years. With those highlight features, don’t hesitate to download this amazing movie app for your Android phone.
To sum up, Videoder obviously should be noticed in the list of video downloaders for Android among tons of other options. Download this Apk android to get the most interesting experience with your Android smartphone. Hope that you will enjoy it and have fun!